So… What’s next?

July 13th, 2009

We won’t tell you any lies. We’re totally focused on building Survs’s payment system, so that we may officially launch Survs after the end of the summer. That being said, we want you to know our roadmap for the future.

Keep in mind that this roadmap is not set in stone: we wish you to become an active part of it. Please leave a comment at the end of this post or send us an email with your suggestions.

Although we can’t promise to implement everything, we absolutely guarantee that all suggestions will be taken into consideration.

Hide page and question numbers

This is probably the feature mostly asked about and we’ll not let you down. An option will be added to turn off automatic page and question numbering, allowing you to use the numbering system that best fits your survey.

Question types

Our first intention was to start with a small set of questions and then to broaden the choice based on our users’ feedback.

We’ll add more question types in the future, and we also think that there’s a lot of room to innovate here… You can expect a lot of improvements in the long run.

Revamped Analyze section

Our users are constantly telling us how satisfied they are with the analyze interface, but we really think we can make it a lot better.

How? Better graphs and export options are only two of the many things we plan to do.

Improve the printing options

There are still some issues with the print versions of Survs’s surveys. We’ll be tweaking that in the short term until we (and you) are fully satisfied with the solution.


We have listened to your suggestions and we’re working on a new pricing scheme for Survs. Soon we’ll tell you all about that.

Survs’s API

We’re all about open systems, so a Survs’s API will come sooner or later. However, there are some priorities over that, so we don’t expect to release it this year.

Here are some ideas we already have in mind:

  • Authentication on other systems
  • Widgets
  • Extracting data from your surveys’ responses
  • Importing and exporting surveys from and to other survey applications
  • Integration of your contact lists into the email invite channels

Themes and survey templates

There’s a lot of innovation waiting for you! For the beginners amongst you, we’re going to start publishing some survey templates for you to use. After that, we’ll integrate the templates on the “Create survey” page. But this is only a warm up for what comes next…

We are counting on you!

At this point, we’d like to emphasize once again that this roadmap is open to discussion. We would really appreciate your contribution to making Survs a better service.

10 responses to “So… What’s next?”

Eric Stoller says:

July 14th, 2009 at 3:29 am

The key issue for me (and I’m guessing a lot of other users) will be in maintaining the simplicity and ease of use that supports the high usability of Survs while adding new and improved features to the product. I keep telling my friends that Survs reminds me of Flickr. It’s very simple and user-friendly and yet it has a high level of functionality. Cheers.

Gustavo Pimenta says:

July 23rd, 2009 at 9:05 am

Thanks for your kind words Eric.

Rest assured that Survs will always strive have a balance between power and simplicity :-)

Survs User Survey Results | Survs Blog says:

July 29th, 2009 at 7:18 pm

[...] And what will we do with this insight? Research without action is fruitless, these results will inform our decisions from now on. In fact, they already strongly influenced the definition of the Survs’s roadmap. [...]

John McCrory says:

August 12th, 2009 at 4:19 am

Love Survs’ ease of use. But what I really want that no one is providing is easy-to-create forms for registration and for payment. I <3 the “embed-ability” of forms via either iFrames or javascript.

If you can provide payment systems to customers, you’ll have a huge hit in the SMB market.

Jakub Narębski says:

August 12th, 2009 at 10:07 am

One complaint about Analyze section is that when copying survey (for example to make next annual survey based on previous one), there is no option to copy filters. I can see that it might be quite difficult to reconcile filters with editing survey (and reordering questions), but it would be nice not to have to recreate filters from start.

I would also like to have an alternate export format, where responses are exported as records and not in spreadsheet-like format. It could use CSV as a container, and e.g. use ::.

Also using “,” as a separator in multiple answers question in export format doesn’t look so smart to me, especially with CSV export. “|” or “;” could be better choice for this separator.

Jakub Narębski says:

August 12th, 2009 at 10:09 am

update to comment above:

It could use CSV as a container, and e.g. use response-id,question-id,answer as lines (rows).

Arthur Freitag says:

August 12th, 2009 at 9:17 pm

Great! Some things i haven’t considered yet. That is cool. Good luck to you . I’ll be waiting the release.

Jimi Emery says:

August 12th, 2009 at 11:11 pm

I just wanted to let you know that I have absolutely loved survs. I use the surveys in our school for students and parents. In fact, our Kindergartners have even filled in the surveys! I have not found a survey tool that even comes close to yours. It is easy, the templates are pleasing, the analysis tool works just right for me and when I needed help with a question it was immediately answered in a very positive, helpful manner. I could be completely happy with this tool just the way it is right now!

Cheryl MacDonald says:

August 18th, 2009 at 3:57 pm

This looks a really nice product. Like so many others I am very impressed with the ease of use. However, there are a number of limitations which would need to be addressed before I was able to seriously consider it as an alternative to my current survey software.

I have summarised in order of importance:

1. The ability to pass information in on the querystring e.g. a userId, so that the results can be tied back to my database.

2. Implementing a survey in an iframe worked well until the end of the survey when it redirects the iframe away when the user clicks “Done”. This would either need an option to target the top frame, or the option to disable the buttons on the “thanks page”.

3. Improved logic – allowing logic on Multiple Answers (not just on single answers) e.g. if a user ticks A & C then take them to Page 4

4. Improved logic – the ability to use previous answers e.g. if a user selected that they had used A, C and E in the past, then to ask them specific questions about A, C, and E – such as a matrix asking them to rate A, C, and E

Apart from this, congratulations on a very promising product. I look forward to the next release!

Survs’s Pricing 2.0 | Survs Blog says:

September 8th, 2009 at 10:29 pm

[...] as we said about our roadmap, nothing is set in stone, and we may reconsider this in the [...]

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