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Survs is officially launched!

September 22nd, 2009 with 4 comments

Yes, the big day has come: today, we’re officially launching Survs!

And what’s the best way to celebrate this day? Reveal the secret sauce :-).

The goal

It all started with a dream of an experienced and passionate team who wanted to simplify the way people did surveys online… We rolled up our sleeves and started to work having one goal in mind: build an online survey tool that got things done while providing a great user experience. Nothing more, nothing less.

How we did it?

By involving users in the design process from the first sketches to the “final” product, practicing what we like to call collaborative design. Most of all, we know how important it is to listen and engage in conversations with the users.

So, you see, there is no big secret in making an online survey tool like Survs , it’s all about you :-).

The result?

Survs has a powerful set of features, which are carefully designed so the advanced features won’t get in your way when you don’t need them . Everyone can start playing with the basics and then slowly discover everything else that can be done with Survs.

And again our users helped us – people quickly understood our approach and the word spread out like fire:

  • “If anyone needs to make a survey for any reason at all, YOU MUST try Survs!” Matthew Smith – Squared Eye
  • “We have been using Survs for several months now and are delighted with its superb usability and features.” John Henry – JustGiving
  • “Survs is to online surveys as Gmail is to web-based email. Seriously good!” Eric Stoller
  • “Survs is an amazing online survey tool. I reviewed it a couple of weeks ago along with Google docs and SurveyMonkey and it absolutely nailed the competition” Paul Seys – Redweb

Besides a press release, until today we haven’t spent a single dollar on marketing. If we are writing this post today it’s because of our users. One by one, people started to talk about Survs and when we least expected Survs was on Techcrunch, ReadWriteWeb and being considered the best online survey tool by the .net magazine!

This is only the beginning…

It’s never too much to thank you all. Without your help, building and promoting Survs wouldn’t have been possible. But we’re only warming up…

And don’t worry, we’re not going to bloat Survs with endless and meaningless features. instead we’ll focus on improving the features we have and slowly introduce more innovations to the online surveys world. As usual, we’re counting on your feedback :-).